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Big Shoulders Yoga classes range from dynamic and challenging to gentle and restorative. Some classes are designed to build heat within the body and warm students up towards a "peak pose," while others have the goal of creating a relaxing and meditative experience. Our studio is kept warm, between 75°F and 85°F, we offer props and free mats for students to use in class. If you aren't sure which class to try first, we recommend starting with a Mild, Basics, or Restorative class.

Basics (Hatha Yoga)

Our basics classes are a great place to start if you are new to yoga, haven't practiced in a while, or are looking for a more chill practice that focuses on foundational poses. Expect to work on your strength and flexibility, move slowly, and learn to use props to support your practice.

Mild (Hatha Yoga)

Mild classes are the place to master the basics, work on alignment, strength, and flexibility while enjoying a dynamic workout. These classes tend to be more accessible and offer many variations on poses.

Medium (Hatha Yoga)

There is something for everyone in Medium classes, most poses will be offered with several variations so students can choose their desired level of intensity. Expect a whole-body workout and the chance to learn something new!

Spicy (Hatha Yoga)

In these classes we spice things up quite a bit. Expect creative sequences that include more challenging transitions and peak poses. These classes explore new and more advanced variations of poses you may not have encountered before. The unofficial goal of Spicy classes is for no student to be able to do every single posture or transition in the class.


Our restorative classes ease students through a short gentle flow, followed by extended and supported yin-like holds, and a long Savasana. Expect dim lighting, soft music, and a lot of props. We like to think of them as moving naps!

Yoga with Your Little One

This class is a 'Come As You Are' kind of experience! From 1 month infants to toddlers, the first rule of Yoga with Your Little One is take care of yourself. If your baby or toddler needs to eat, sleep or cry this is a safe space for you to be you. The main intention of class is simply to nurture yourself while building community with other parents and little ones. Additionally you will have the opportunity to tone and stretch your muscles and breath deeply. Plus you will get to play with your baby! You will learn very sweet and gentle “baby yoga” moves to promote digestion, enhance circulation and elevate joy. Our little ones experience the world through the feelings in their body. The better flowing their body’s energy, the happier and healthier the child. A happy kid makes for a happy momma, pappa and family!

The Six Pillars of Big Shoulders Yoga


Each class has a unique sequence, so you'll never do the same thing twice. Our sequences follow a similar structure; starting with a seated series, moving through standing poses to the peak pose(s), and finishing with inversions at the wall and unwinding poses.


BSY teachers are trained to give expert hands-on adjustments and assists throughout the class to help correct your alignment and support you (literally) while you try new things. Don't like adjustments? No problem, we have consent cards so you can easily opt out.


Classes are written around a central theme and focus on complementary poses to warm students up. Examples of these themes include; hip openers, backbends, strengthening, splits and laterals, twists, etc.

Peak Pose

Throughout the class, we'll work to build heat within the body and intentionally warm up certain areas/muscles for the peak pose(s). There are usually 2-5 peak poses to tackle, each with its own set of variations so there's a challenge for everyone.

Workshop Feel

We take time to break down several poses in a class, concentrating on their mechanics and alignment, and giving students the opportunity to try the pose a few times. Yoga can be complex, so our teachers will demo and then move around the room to offer adjustments while students work independently on the poses.


We like to have fun in class! We try hard things, but TRY is the key word. We're all working on something and there will always be a pose that challenges you. We encourage students to approach that challenge with levity. You're in a supportive community where it’s common for another student in class to cheer you on!