Meet Your Instructor

Gina Reynolds

Yoga Instructor
Teaching since:  


Favorite yoga pose:

Inversions! Especially headstand and forearm balance with all the leg variations.

Why I practice and teach yoga:

I love that yoga practice can be restful or vigorous or thoughtfully challenging. Yoga has helped me be present in the moment, without focusing on the "why did I...?" (the past) or "what if...?" (the future). Difficult poses force me to focus and concentrate. Achieving poses that I didn't think were possible for me has taught me that a lot of barriers are self-imposed. Holding uncomfortable poses has taught me to breathe calmly through mild discomfort. (Never pain; yoga poses should not be painful.) If you stick with the practice long enough, you'll gain a lot more than just the ability to stand on your hands. Those benefits will likely come even if you're not initially conscious of the ways in which the practice is changing you.  
I teach because I want everybody to discover and love this amazing thing that I love. I also enjoy the creative aspect of putting together a sequence and crafting a class to prepare the body for whatever peak poses I have planned. I enjoy witnessing my students' connection to their practice. Teaching is a lot of fun.

What to expect from my class:  

A focused flow with options for more challenging or more restful variations. Enough guidance for a physically and mentally engaging practice, and enough quiet space to find a moving meditation.


Yoga Alliance Certified, RYT 200

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