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Cassie Grafstrom

Yoga Instructor
Teaching since:  


Favorite place to eat after yoga:

I’m a sucker for pastry and a nice coffee in the morning, so usually walk to Dollop for an almond croissant and a latte (unless there is a text from my husband that he is making hash browns). Following afternoon or evening classes, you’ll probably find me at El Metro with a variety of tacos and a margarita.

Why I practice:

I started practicing yoga after a car accident in early 2014 when it was the only exercise I was cleared to do. I was finishing my doctoral dissertation, on both the academic and non-academic job markets, and really needed the physical challenge and release that yoga provided. More and more, however, I found that it gave me an even more important mental and spiritual release. I am a better person when I am more regularly practicing.

Why I teach yoga:

Three main reasons: 1) I have gained so much from my yoga teachers, and I want to be able to give some of that back to others; 2) the best way to learn something is to teach it; and 3) teaching provides another avenue to connect with the BSY community.

What to expect from my class:

Sequences that focus on strength, accessible modifications, alignment, and long holds. Lots of verbal cueing. Upbeat, eclectic music. Reminders that trying is more important than achieving. Probably me tumbling out of a pose at least once and laughing at myself.


Yoga Alliance Certified, RYT 200

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