Meet Your Instructor

Alice Su

Yoga Instructor
Favorite gin:

Monkey 47

Why I practice:  

I love setting aside this time only for myself, and watching how my practice deepens over time. Yoga has helped me be physically stronger, which also leads me to an overall sense of well being.

Why I teach:  

I love being part of this community, and want to participate in it at a different level by sharing my appreciation of yoga.   Teaching also brings a different type of awareness to my yoga practice, as well as a higher level of motivation.  I’m inspired and motivated to better myself and my practice, so I can be a better teacher.

What to expect from my class:

I believe that if you’re going to set aside this time to practice, we should make it count! I try to build in options that will challenge you. It’s always been a helpful guide to me to see what the more challenging options are for a pose so I know what to aspire for. The best part is one day, realizing how far you’ve come. I believe we should have fun trying to push ourselves, and attempt challenging poses and holds.   We’re all here to support each other.


Yoga Alliance Certified, RYT 200

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