Nicole Cavanaugh

Teaching since: Technically since November 2013, formally, January 2014.
My favorite place to eat after yoga
: Any place with french fries, hash browns or any potato of the fried variety.
Favorite book: Would you pick a favorite child? Yes. Good Omens.
Favorite yoga pose: Galavasana.
Favorite pose to teach and help people try for the first time: Crow.
Why I practice and teach yoga:
I first started practicing yoga because I was told it was a good idea to stretch, that it was something everyone should do for long term health, and then I got hooked on trying new things and finding out what my body was capable of. But what ultimately kept me coming back and led to teaching, was when I finally learned from yoga to be okay with where ever I am, it might take me 10 years to do splits/hanumanasna, or I might never do it, and that's okay, and I'll sometimes regress in my practice, and that is also okay. In those two instances I learn the most about myself. And that's what I like about teaching, working with students to figure out where they are, helping them to get where they want to be, and to be okay with where they currently are and maybe where we currently are is the best place and you don't need to go further, and be perfectly happy with that.  
What to expect from their class:
You can expect to not have to take yourself too seriously, to have fun, and try new things. Teaching yoga is like a new puzzle with every student and working together to try to figure out how to achieve what you want, safely and comfortably. I might sometimes ask you to do something crazy (but not too crazy) but I promise you, you'll have fun trying it, and I hope learn a little more about yourself.

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