Annie V. Reynoso

Teaching since: 2011-2014, took a break to focus on being a student and a momma, then started back up again in 2020!
Favorite place to eat after yoga:
My favorite place to eat after yoga is at home!  I love some home cooking done by my husband!
Why I practice:
It makes me feel alive and I have to focus on the present.  I'm a person that is always worrying about the future.  Yoga reminds me to focus on the now.  
Why I teach yoga:
Teaching yoga takes hard work and dedication.  I am passionate about the practice and what it can do for someone - transforming the physical, emotional, and the mind.  I have learned so much through my yoga journey and I want to share it with you.  I selfishly teach yoga because I love instructing and the act of teaching makes me a better yogi .
What to expect from my class:
The teacher-student relationship is super important to me and I will do my best to foster that.  My classes are energetic, challenging, and I regularly try to mix things up to keep things fresh for my students.

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