Workshop: The Power of Possibility (Nov 23rd)

Power of Possibility

Join Christa Khatcherian, November 23rd, 2-4pm.

This workshop is to purposely disrupt your daily flow. To create space to step back and check in with your life. Are you living a life that you love? Or are you simply letting life happen to you. We all know there is an incredible power behind the goal setting, so I’m here to provide you the tools and direction to this powerfully.

I’ve found benefit in every moment I’ve spent diving into these topics. Creating and recreating the vision to a life I’m inspired by. Life will always ‘just happen’ if we let it, and I have found there is an incredible power to manifesting and creating my life with intention. When we open our heart and our Minds to the power of possibility that lies within, That’s when the real magic of life happens!

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