All Big Shoulders Yoga classes are dynamic and challenging, they are designed to build heath within the body. Our studio is kept warm (between 75° and 85° Fahrenheit) and the teacher plays their choice of music during class. We offer props and free mats for students to use! If you aren't sure which class to try first, we recommend starting with a Mild or Medium class.

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Mild (Hatha)
Mild classes are the place to master the basics, work on alignment, strength and flexibility while enjoying a dynamic workout. These classes tend to be more accessible and offer easier modifications.
Medium (Hatha)
Medium classes are the bread and butter of Big Shoulders Yoga. There is something for everyone in these classes, most poses will be offered with several modifications so students can choose their desired level of intensity. Expect a great, whole-body, workout and to learn something new!
Spicy (Hatha)
In these classes we spice things up a bit. Expect creative sequences that include more challenging transitions and peak poses. These classes explore new and more advanced variations of poses you may not have encountered before. The unofficial goal of Spicy classes is for no student to be able to do every single posture in the class.
Our restorative classes ease students through a short gentle flow, followed by extended and supported yin-like holds, and a long Savasana. Expect dim lighting, soft music, and a lot of props. We like to think of them as moving naps!
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