Our Style
Yoga that is challenging and accessible.

The great thing about our style is that it has something for everyone! Whether you’re new to yoga, an avid practitioner, or simply using it to stretch and recover from another activity. Each and every one of our classes will provide you with a challenge that is rewarding to tackle and a great physical and mental workout. Our teachers expertly provide both simplified and more advanced modifications for each pose, so you can find the level that is right for you.

What sets our yoga apart

The six pillars of Big Shoulders Yoga

Each class has a unique sequence, so you'll never do the same thing twice. Our sequences all follow the same structure. They start with a seated series, then move through standing poses to the peak pose, and finish with inversions at the wall.
BSY teachers are trained to give expert adjustments throughout the class to help correct your alignment and support you (literally) while you try new things.
Classes are written around a central theme and focus on complementary poses to warm students up and avoid injury. Examples of these themes include hip openers, backbends, strengthening, splits and laterals, twists, etc.
We like to have fun in class! We try hard things, but TRY is the key word. We're all working on something and there will always be a pose that challenges you. We encourage students to approach that challenge with levity. You will be in a supportive community where it’s not uncommon for another student in class to cheer you on!
Peak Pose
Throughout class we work to build heat within the body as we intentionally warm up for the peak poses to come. There are usually 3-5 peak poses to tackle, each with its own set of modifications so there's a challenge for everyone.
Workshop Feel
We take time to break down several poses in a class, concentrating on their mechanics and alignment, and giving students the opportunity to try the pose a few times. Yoga can be complex, so our teachers will demo and then move around the room to offer adjustments while students work independently on the poses.
Ready to do yoga with us?
Whether it's your first ever yoga class, or you've lost count—we're sure you'll enjoy learning new things with us.
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